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Campus parking at UMD is managed by the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS). Students can purchase permits by the semester via their website. For students who aren't interested in a regular parking pass, there are some limited meter, hourly parking, and special passes (such as Bundle Pack Permits) available. Graduate students are considered commuter students and receive priority parking registration, enabling them to register one week before undergraduate students.

Access the registration schedule, view the campus parking map, dispute a ticket, and more at

Contact DOTS at 301-314-DOTS (3687) or

After-Hours Add-On for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants with a current parking pass can apply for a free add-on permit allowing them to park in spaces that are normally 24-hour restricted. These include: T, W, Y, AA, A, U4, M, D, EE, E, HH, & H between 4 pm & 7 am. All passes are distributed through the DOTS Office in the Regents Parking Garage (Lot 5). Some lots are available after 4pm without a special pass or valid permit.

Learn more about specific restrictions on the DOTS parking map at

Instructions: To obtain an After-Hours Permit, fill out a form from your departments "parking officer" or have your advisor write a letter authorizing you to have the extra pass. Take the form or letter, student ID, University pay stub, and your current parking pass to the Transportation Services office in the Regents Parking Garage (Lot 5). There, if approved, they will issue you a new permit that reflects both the regular parking location and the after-hours location (for example: Lot 1/Lot HH).

It is recommended that students park at the 15 minute meters in front of the Regents Parking Garage office so they don't have to leave their car without a permit. For questions or more information, call 4-7179. Parking services is open 8:15 am - 4:00 pm M-F.

Game Day Parking Permits

During home games, students are unable to park in certain lots where spaces are reserved for game attendees. Graduate students can obtain a GameDay Permit provided they have an academic reason, such as taking a class, teaching a class, or running an experiment. Often, Graduate Student Government works with DOTS to provide a limited number of permits to those graduate students who can provide a legitimate need to remain parked in lots 4, 6, 9, or 11 during home games at the Xfinity Center.

Graduate Student Government will announce the availability of these passes and application requirements via social media, the Graduate Student Life newsletter, and other communicative means in the beginning of each semester. Permits are given on a first-come, first-served basis and a limited number are available each year.

Students who do not have an Access Permit on game days may park in Mowatt Lane Garage (if space is available), pay for lot access or pay to park at any available street meter. Parking permits may be purchased on-site at Terrapin Trail Garage. The cost of a single game permit is $17 and may only be purchased using credit/debit cards.

Learn more at

If you have any questions or concerns, please email, or call DOTS at 301-314-3687 

Medical Parking Permits

Graduate students with a current parking permit and a medical condition may receive a Medical Parking Permit from the University's Department of Transportation Services (DOTS). A note from a doctor must be brought to the University Health Center. The Health Center will then provide documentation, which must be brought to the Transportation Office in Regents Drive Garage Building #202. The Transportation Services office will then give a pass to the student lot nearest the graduate student's office or lab on campus. The graduate student must already have a campus parking permit in order to get a medical parking pass.

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Summer Parking

During the summer, campus parking is often disrupted by scheduled maintenance and construction. For an updated list of all long-term construction related lot closures and changes, visit

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