Memorial Chapel

The Memorial Chapel

Memorial Chapel

The Memorial Chapel is a multi-faceted campus facility serving numerous on-and off- campus populations and is home to a diverse range of events and personnel. Dedicated in 1952 as a living memorial to members of the University community that gave their lives in times of war, the Memorial Chapel is the center of religious life on campus and supports all fourteen university recognized chaplaincies and their programs. In addition, it is the site for weddings, concerts, lectures, convocations, commencements and other special events throughout the year.

The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance

Labyrinth in Garden of Reflection

The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance contains many elements that come together to create an area uniquely for contemplation. The labyrinth is a sanctuary for those who walk while they think, while benches offer a place for those who want to sit still. Water features add a soothing dynamic, while journals allow the community to express their emotions. Additional spaces commemorate the bravery of our veterans as well as historic university milestones.

It is a deeply treasured gem on campus, a place with established ties to the community. It has served as a focal point for numerous programs, most notably the Walk for Remembrance in honor of September 11. It has helped many remember their loved ones or come to terms with the turbulent changes life so often hurls in our path. And it is a pleasant space for everyday visits—a place to pause and catch your breath.

The garden is representative of the campus religious diversity as well as community cohesion, and marries refreshing natural energy with quiet solace. Stop by sometime—all are welcome.

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