Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

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The Office of Student Conduct

Learn about the Code of Academic Integrity, the Code of Student Conduct, or any conduct-related questions through the Anonymous Ask feature. Review major policies regarding plagiarism, sexual misconduct, responsible action, and more at

University Student Judiciary

The University Student Judiciary (USJ) is one of Maryland's premier student governance organizations, whose members help the campus community by educating students about and holding students accountable to the policies of the University of Maryland. The policies include the Code of Academic Integrity, the Code of Student Conduct, and Residence Hall Rules of the Department of Resident Life. The members of USJ also are responsible for promoting integrity, character, and ethics within the campus community. There are five branches to the USJ: the Appellate Board, the Central Board, Community Advocates, the Resident Board, and the Student Honor Council. More information about the University Student Judiciary and each of the branches is available at

Student Honor Council

The Student Honor Council is one of the five branches of the University Student Judiciary at the University of Maryland. As an academic institution it is imperative that academic integrity be upheld at all times to maintain the value of the degrees the University of Maryland confers upon its students and ensure its students receive a comprehensive education. Find resources for faculty, staff, and students regarding academic integrity and what steps to take to prevent academic dishonesty as well as what to do should you suspect academic dishonesty at

The Office of The President Student Conduct Policy

Read the full V-1.00(B) University of Maryland, College Park Code of Student Conduct, Consolidated USM and UMD Policies and Procedures (Approved by the Board of Regents January 25, 1980; amended effective September 4, 1990; December 18, 2001; April 22, 2004; November 18, 2005; April 5, 2006; March 10, 2011; January 17, 2012; February 20, 2013; May 9, 2013; (Technical amendments approved by the President September 2, 2015) at

The 10 Principles of Ethical and Responsible Conduct 

The UMD Principles of Ethical and Responsible Conduct articulate the basic expectations that should guide each of us in our work at the University. These Principles are embedded within many policies and practices identified throughout University handbooks, manuals, and websites and as described in collective bargaining agreements. See them at

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